Thrift Stores, Blog Updated

Ok, so I changed the sidebar a bit on this blog.  You can now see recent comments and I updated the Burning Blog RSS feed to be the current one.

Today, I scored a deal at Yesterday’s Rose, where there was a 1/2 off linens sale.  Got two sheets for $1, which Herb and I will be using to cover the mesh in our tent.  Our rainfly keeps rain out but allows ventilation through the screen mesh on the roof and two sides of the tent, which I’m sure would be swell in the rain, but seems a rather horrid idea for the playa.  Details and photos of the fix to come.   Oh yeah, this thrift store had bikes too.  3 or 4 kids bikes and one adult bike.

If any of you want to try to find deals in Northern Virginia, here is a map of thrift stores:

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How to build stuff, Bike rentals

Temporary Desert Structures
Whoa, this website has overloaded me with information on building structures and shelter on the Playa.
Notes about building for Burning Man and other Projects, by Bob Stahl

Bike Rentals for Burners
We may end up needing this service if a ton of people fly out.
They sell recycled bikes too.

Q: ” Why rent when I can buy?”
A: “This one of the most asked question we get. Yes you can buy a bike at Kmart or Wal Mart for close to the same price , but then what ? Do you drop it off, donate it, or worse yet leave on it the playa when you are done with it? This is best of all you get a new or close to new bike, no hassles. You rent it return it and off till next year and no fussing. You will also see bikes on the side of the road for rent but do you want to find out that the bike you planned to rent is gone. We offer stress free rental with your bike reserved until you pick it up.”

Updated ’08 Improvements List

  • Bar doors to close.
    • Mindy has suggested making curtains to close the bar.
  • Much more organization with regard to food.
    • A daily menu needs to be worked out with emphasis on large batch single dish meals.
  • “Art Car” golf cart for carrying ice.
    • If we can get one for cheap.
  • Carts for bikes
    • One person should have one. Ryan can bend electrical conduit to make one.
  • Baskets for bikes
    • Feel free to make your own.
  • Permanent lighting (No more glow sticks!)
    • Battery Powered glowsticks, body EL
  • Better/permanent lighting for bikes
  • Everyone has bikes.
  • More supplies for BloodyMaryland
    • Tomato Juice
    • Old Bay
      • How much is more? A complete manifest is needed. Celery is a hit with the customers.
  • A few more chairs than people
    • If they’ll fit.
  • Michal
    • Yes
  • Lots more H2O
    • I’d agree, but water is very heavy and it comes from Walmart. Any suggestions are welcome.
  • System for showers(plus backup)
    • How?
  • Prelabel gallon jugs for the week
    • Yes
  • Supplies for 2-3 showers.
    • Maybe Fitz can build us a Dymaxion shower?
  • More caffeine products.
    • Generic Red Bull and pep pills
  • Better camp lighting.
    • Cold cathodes, programmed
    • Pre wired wire harness for lighted system.
  • 2nd Garage tent.
    • Carpet for garage tent
  • Full shade structure between two RVs
    • What’s it going to be? Tensile structure or just a big ass tarp between two RVs.
  • More planned costumes.
    • Plan your own, in advance. Mindy will help you.
  • Perhaps a different bar area design.
    • Personally I’d like the same bar as 04 but 8 feet wide.
  • Better sound system.(Better than the Weave?)
    • How about an el cheapereno system.
  • Better hat(better than the Kangol?)
  • Better leaving time.(either Tuesday or Monday@4am)
    • Leaving on Tuesday will still get us back to MD by Saturday. Why not?
  • Gifts: matchbooks
    • Lip balm
    • A few special
    • Hand stuff
    • Necklaces
  • Get a haircut beforehand.
  • More pre-made meals.
    • yes

  • More meals less snacks.
  • Solar panels and accessories.
    • Panel and charge controller need to be added to Plan A.
  • Poop is a funny word.
    • Sure is.
  • Better grill(I would propose charcoal but this would be a moop issues)
    • At least 30,000 BTU/hr
  • Spatula for grill
    • Yes
  • Bike rack so we have storage on the roof.
    • How about on the trailer.
  • Green laser.
    • Feel free.
  • Some kind of wind blocking system.
    • Stack extra junk under southern RV.
  • Midnight snacks.
    • More Chorizo!
  • Space blankets for RV
    • Silvered tarp for the roof and Eastern side of RV.
  • Better system for trash and recycling.
    • Where to drop off recycling?
  • Bring champagne to the burn.
    • Yes! Several Bottles
  • Expand costume area.
    • Or reduce tents in costume area

Bike Art Vehicle

I have a vehicular idea, fueled by grapes from the Loire valley (God bless them). That is, the idea is fueled by said grape extract… not the vehicle.

How about a modular art bike. By this I mean one easily configurable as a single, double, or quadruple. The single is self explanatory, the double could carry supplies/ice in between, and the quad coule be… whatever! We could also possibly add a motor assist, especially to the quad. Perhaps in the form of a powered “wheelie bar” using my salvaged motor from the purple baron?