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Artwork travelling to the burn


From: Vislay, Donald J.
Sent: Thursday, August 21, 2008 10:27 AM
Subject: Our Little Artwork is Going On a Trip

Hello, Fellow Ping-Pongers and Flossers!I have taken the liberty of embellishing Our Little Artwork for a trip to Burning Man this weekend. My crazy-a** coworker Zenon (already sporting purple hair in preparation for the week in Nevada) will be hand-carrying the attached piece and offering it up on the playa when they torch the big guy. I didn’t want to mess up the Ping Pong so I’ve only sent this to the four of us who have worked on the piece so far. I’ve included your names and states to give you credit for your contributions to this way-cool artistic exercise, and I hope you approve.A little bit of each of us is going to Burning Man!Don

Bike Art Vehicle

I have a vehicular idea, fueled by grapes from the Loire valley (God bless them). That is, the idea is fueled by said grape extract… not the vehicle.

How about a modular art bike. By this I mean one easily configurable as a single, double, or quadruple. The single is self explanatory, the double could carry supplies/ice in between, and the quad coule be… whatever! We could also possibly add a motor assist, especially to the quad. Perhaps in the form of a powered “wheelie bar” using my salvaged motor from the purple baron?