Bike Art Vehicle

I have a vehicular idea, fueled by grapes from the Loire valley (God bless them). That is, the idea is fueled by said grape extract… not the vehicle.

How about a modular art bike. By this I mean one easily configurable as a single, double, or quadruple. The single is self explanatory, the double could carry supplies/ice in between, and the quad coule be… whatever! We could also possibly add a motor assist, especially to the quad. Perhaps in the form of a powered “wheelie bar” using my salvaged motor from the purple baron?

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  1. Eric

    We definitely need a vehicle like this for ice duty and the sunset serenade.

  2. Alison

    I like it! If we can make it work, we’d be the talk of the playa. p.s. — I’ll figure out how to make it so your comments don’t have to be moderated. Sorry about that!

  3. Ryan

    Sounds great, I envision something as simple as possible. Perhaps two pieces of metal uni-strut/speed steel spanned between the bikes attatched with small muffler clamps, one at the front fork support and one at the seat post. We should also find a use for the EvolveRevolve motor.

  4. Ryan

    How can we make this work on the playa?

  5. Alison

    Read down the thread.
    “I always liked these “bikes” that seem to be all over Belize. Similar concept, done in a very rugged and simple way.

    Though I would think for steering purposes, it would make more sense to put the single wheel up front, and the dual in the back, a-la a regular trike.

  6. Alison

    Whoa. Info overload. Bike trailers:

  7. Alison

    OK, I like the Bamboo bicycle trailer from the above link. Those people seem to have done their homework.

  8. Ryan

    You can have one for a mere $750, McMaster-Carr carries them.

    Be sure to check out the rest of their products! Strange bikes.

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