Bloody Mary Bar


Camp BloodyMaryLand’s signature contribution to Burning Man is of course, our fantastic bloody mary bar.

2018 — BloodyMaryLand will be at 9:15 and C

Come one, come all to Camp Bloody Maryland where we’ll be serving up our signature Bloody Marys on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30am to 1pm-ish! Our Bloodys are made bespoke right in front of your eyes. Want it spicy? Can do! Want it virgin? You got it! Our bartenders are trained for 10+ minutes to ensure that they give you the best Bloody Mary money can’t buy. We’ll seeya at 9:15 & C where we’ll provide your daily serving of vegetables and a sprinkle of vodka.


2014 and 2016 — BloodyMaryLand was still in the ‘burbs


– Tomato Juice:    80 cans , 46 oz ea (12 cans per case) [ended up with plastic bottles]
– Vodka:    18 Handles of Gilbeys
– Can Openers:    2-3 good ones
– Bar (Burn) Rags:    Cheap, burnable to clean up spills
– Buckets:    For ice/water
– Celery:    One small coolers worth
– Black Pepper:    One big shaker
– Texas Pete:    Two big glass bottles
– Old Bay:    Big-ass shaker
– Horseradish:    Big jar and little jar
– Lime Juice:    Two big glass bottles
– Beef Broth:    4 big boxes
– Worcestershire:   Big bottle and little bottle

2012 Bar Construction Materials
2×3’s    11
4×8 OSB    2 sheets
Cut 2×3 into these lengths
6′ qty 3
7′ qty 2
2′ qty 4
3′ qty 5
8′ qty 1
Cut OSB into these shapes
36″x72″ qty 1
24″x36″ qty 2
24″x72″ qty 1
Box of 2″ drywall screws
Small box of 3″ drywall screws
Use scraps to make lower shelf for bar

In 2010, we were  officially open on Wednesday morning. .

2008 Bar Packing List, from our pal Bort

– 25 handles Gordon’s vodka = 11.5 gallons
– 137 x 46oz cans tomato juice = 49 gallons
– 2 x 1lb cans (plus whatever Mindy has) Old Bay
– 1 gallon bottle Worcestershire (way too much)
– 4 x 46oz cans beef broth = 1.43 gallons (way too much)
– 1 gallon bottle hot sauce (way too much)
– 1 lb powdered horseradish
– 34oz jar ground black pepper (way too much)
– 5 x 16oz bottles (plus whatever Mindy has) lime juice
– A plan to cut up an assload of celery and pack it in water the day
before I leave

– Two “Store ‘N Pour” bottles for beef broth
– Six plastic squeeze bottles for prepared horseradish,
Worcestershire, and hot sauce
– Two pizza-style oregano shakers for old bay.  (Gotta get another two
for pepper.)
– Ryan has two pails with spigots for mass mixing.
– Two big-ass plastic cups and two cheap plastic shakers (all from
goodwill) for mixing drinks.

Tomato juice, lime juice, and vodka will be mixed in the pails.
Virgin drinks (a rare request) can be mixed by hand.

Non-vegetarians get worcestershire and beef broth.  Non-pussies get
horseradish and hot sauce.  Everybody gets a dash of pepper and old
bay, and a celery stick to top it off.

See all posts tagged “Bloody Mary Bar”. These are our thoughts in progress.Thoughts on bar improvement from last year.


Hangovers require mellow tunes. And because we’re a class act, you get ultra-lounge music when you visit the BloodyMaryLand bloody mary bar. It’s hard to explain… Try listening!
On Pandora:
Lounge Singers and Piano Bar
Martin Denny Radio

Vegas Vic’s Podcast:

Freshly installed Bloody Mary Bar from our 2004 camp:


More Photos

Tomato juice bottles

Crowds gather

Bloody mary bar lit up

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