Possible Improvements for ’08

Ryan Stanley’s list made on the trip home from ’06. Feel free to edt in some comments.

  • Bar doors to close.
  • Much more organization with regard to food.
  • “Art Car” golf cart for carrying ice.
  • Carts for bikes
  • Baskets for bikes
  • Permanent lighting (No more glow sticks!)
    • Battery Powered glowsticks, body EL
  • Better/permanent lighting for bikes
  • Everyone has bikes.
  • More supplies for BloodyMaryland
    • Tomato Juice
    • Old Bay
  • A few more chairs than people
  • Michal
  • Lots more H2O
  • System for showers(plus backup)
  • Prelabel gallon jugs for the week
  • Supplies for 2-3 showers.
  • More caffeine products.
  • Better camp lighting.
    • Cold cathodes, programmed
  • 2nd Garage tent.
  • Full shade structure between two RVs
  • More planned costumes.
  • Perhaps a different bar area design.
  • Better sound system. (Better than the Weave?)
  • Better hat (Better than the Kangol?)
  • Better leaving time.(either Tuesday or Monday at 4am)
  • Gifts: matchbooks
    • Lip balm
    • A few special handmade items
    • Necklaces
  • Get a haircut beforehand.
  • More pre-made meals.
  • More meals less snacks.
  • Solar panels and accessories.
  • Poop is a funny word.
  • Better grill(I would propose charcoal but this would be a moop issue)
  • Spatula for grill
  • Bike rack so we have storage on the roof.
  • Green laser.
  • Some kind of wind blocking system.
  • Midnight snacks.
  • Space blankets for RV
  • Better system for trash and recycling.
    • Where to drop off recycling.
  • Bring champagne to the burn.
  • Expand costume area.

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  1. Michal

    I will be your best improvement for 2008! no doubt.

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