Waste Management


This was in the JRS, but I don’t know if everybody is subscribed to that.


Friday August 22 through Wednesday September 3 (Keystone location
operating through Sept. 6)

Once again this year, you can find FREE DRIVE-THRU recycling at five
Reno locations! Open 24 Hours!

Accepting recyclables:  Plastics (HDPE 1,2,3,4,& 5), plastic bags,
glass, all metals (aluminum, tin, steel, iron, etc.), paper,
cardboard, recyclable batteries, and bikes.

All you have to do is drive into the parking lot, and deposit your
sorted recyclables in the assorted bins provided.  Please have your
recyclables as clean as possible.

New for '08, garbage disposal will additionally be available for
recyclers at approximately $3 per standard 35-gallon trash bag.

Proceeds raised from recyclables, and proceeds raised beyond costs for
garbage disposal, will be donated to support local environmental
programs and charitable causes.  Save Mart will match in donation the
proceeds raised from recyclables up to $1000.

Your participation and care is very much appreciated in this second
year of a multi-community initiative to promote recycling!

Drive Thru Locations:
Save Mart Supermarkets

525 Keystone Avenue, 775-786-2150 (back of store)
195 West Plumb Lane, 786-0138 (back of store)
10500 North McCarran Blvd, 746-8882

565 East Prater Way, 359-9060
9750 Pyramid Lake Highway, 425-2700

Evaporator Art Project

I thought I could combine our evaporation pond and my fascination with the New York subway. It may also fit into the theme since it’s a fairly iconic structure. The railing provides a nice structure to hang the evaporator screen from and the handrails act as reservoirs and plumbing. The globe and the sign will be lit for night time visibility. Being fairly two dimensional, it will be easier to pack on the roof of the rv. Depending on what liquids end up in it, it may even recreate the smells of the subway.

BloodyMaryland Station Evaporator Cross Section

Possible Improvements for ’08

Ryan Stanley’s list made on the trip home from ’06. Feel free to edt in some comments.

  • Bar doors to close.
  • Much more organization with regard to food.
  • “Art Car” golf cart for carrying ice.
  • Carts for bikes
  • Baskets for bikes
  • Permanent lighting (No more glow sticks!)
    • Battery Powered glowsticks, body EL
  • Better/permanent lighting for bikes
  • Everyone has bikes.
  • More supplies for BloodyMaryland
    • Tomato Juice
    • Old Bay
  • A few more chairs than people
  • Michal
  • Lots more H2O
  • System for showers(plus backup)
  • Prelabel gallon jugs for the week
  • Supplies for 2-3 showers.
  • More caffeine products.
  • Better camp lighting.
    • Cold cathodes, programmed
  • 2nd Garage tent.
  • Full shade structure between two RVs
  • More planned costumes.
  • Perhaps a different bar area design.
  • Better sound system. (Better than the Weave?)
  • Better hat (Better than the Kangol?)
  • Better leaving time.(either Tuesday or Monday at 4am)
  • Gifts: matchbooks
    • Lip balm
    • A few special handmade items
    • Necklaces
  • Get a haircut beforehand.
  • More pre-made meals.
  • More meals less snacks.
  • Solar panels and accessories.
  • Poop is a funny word.
  • Better grill(I would propose charcoal but this would be a moop issue)
  • Spatula for grill
  • Bike rack so we have storage on the roof.
  • Green laser.
  • Some kind of wind blocking system.
  • Midnight snacks.
  • Space blankets for RV
  • Better system for trash and recycling.
    • Where to drop off recycling.
  • Bring champagne to the burn.
  • Expand costume area.

Large Hadron Evaporator

evap tower

It was a rainy day so I spent some time surfing for gray water evaporation methods. This is the best one I could find.



They evaporated 30 gallons per day.

I believe the round design with the kiddie pool is too bulky to carry. I’ve got a preliminary design for a linear model which could be rolled up or laid flat for shipping. It could be powered by a dedicated solar panel or the camp windmill or it’s own smaller windmill. It only needs about 40W. It was also suggested to use chlorine pellets like pools use, to disinfect the gray water.

Alison adds: Here’s a video of a similar design.