Cowboy Sunset Serenade

cowboy.jpgcowboy.jpgAn homage to the image of a cowboy riding off into the sunset, of sorts. The Cowboy Sunset Serenade was the second official Camp BloodyMaryLand event that appeared in the official program guide for ’08. Ryan W had the excellent idea in ’04 to hold a *gasp* low-key event without *double-gasp* pop/rock/drum-and-bass blasting in the background. Instead, we are serenaded by cowboy yodeling music as the sun sets over the hills, and we eat some mighty fine chili. Cowboy hats and cowboy gear are encouraged. I believe we’ve had some assless chaps, toy guns, and an anachronistic light-saber fight. Heh.

Cowboy Sunset 2006


gazing toward sunset

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