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BloodyMaryLand is Back! (We’ve Moved!!!!)

Find us at 9:15 and C

Come one, come all to Camp BloodyMaryLand, where we’ll be serving up our signature bloody marys on Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30am to 1pm-ish.  Our bloodys are made bespoke right in front of your eyes.  Want it spicy? Can do! Want it virgin? You got it! Our bartenders are trained for 10+ minutes to ensure that they give you the best bloody mary money can’t buy.

We’ll see ya at 9:15 & Cylon where we’ll provide your daily serving of vegetables and a sprinkle of vodka.


The Race to Reno

VAN:  Evanston, Wyoming –> Reno

FLIGHT #1: Washington Dulles airport (IAD) –> Denver airport –> Reno airport

FLIGHT #2: Baltimore Washington International (BWI) airport –>Denver airport –>Missed connection –> Rental car –> Reno

RV: San Francisco –> Reno

The van, two flights, and RV are about to converge…  Also, it sucks when United can’t get it’s act together to re-route people to Reno so that we can prepare for a week in the desert.  It wouldn’t be Burning Man without a crazy travel story, I suppose.race-to-reno-revised

The East Coast van launches

Ryan and the van left Baltimore at 19:30hours, picking up Mindy in Lonaconing and departing at 23:00 hours for a short stint to Ohio, stopping at 02:30.  Map to come!  But look at how much stuff they fit in the van!!!!

The Mars Rover, Chewbaca, and a Hippo are our co pilots!
The Mars Rover, Chewbaca, and a Hippo are our co pilots!”

Mr. Dingus Goes to Burning Man (almost)
Mr. Dingus Goes to Burning Man (almost)

How much can we squeeze into one van?
How much can we squeeze into one van?

A lot!
A lot!

Experiment in Mo’blogging

The thought is that as we travel to Reno, meet up,  and construct the bar, we can keep everyone at home updated through pictures sent to our newly-created Twitter account.  See the new sidebar widget! –>

We are @BloodyMaryLand on Twitter.