How to build stuff, Bike rentals

Temporary Desert Structures
Whoa, this website has overloaded me with information on building structures and shelter on the Playa.
Notes about building for Burning Man and other Projects, by Bob Stahl

Bike Rentals for Burners
We may end up needing this service if a ton of people fly out.
They sell recycled bikes too.

Q: ” Why rent when I can buy?”
A: “This one of the most asked question we get. Yes you can buy a bike at Kmart or Wal Mart for close to the same price , but then what ? Do you drop it off, donate it, or worse yet leave on it the playa when you are done with it? This is best of all you get a new or close to new bike, no hassles. You rent it return it and off till next year and no fussing. You will also see bikes on the side of the road for rent but do you want to find out that the bike you planned to rent is gone. We offer stress free rental with your bike reserved until you pick it up.”

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