Thrift Stores, Blog Updated

Ok, so I changed the sidebar a bit on this blog.  You can now see recent comments and I updated the Burning Blog RSS feed to be the current one.

Today, I scored a deal at Yesterday’s Rose, where there was a 1/2 off linens sale.  Got two sheets for $1, which Herb and I will be using to cover the mesh in our tent.  Our rainfly keeps rain out but allows ventilation through the screen mesh on the roof and two sides of the tent, which I’m sure would be swell in the rain, but seems a rather horrid idea for the playa.  Details and photos of the fix to come.   Oh yeah, this thrift store had bikes too.  3 or 4 kids bikes and one adult bike.

If any of you want to try to find deals in Northern Virginia, here is a map of thrift stores:

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