Ice on the go

I liked the idea of this thing, especially since we’re looking for a better way to cart ice back and forth from Camp Arctica. The electric model would be nice and quiet. As Herb noted, it would need knobby tires. Likely out of our price range, but one can dream, right?

Cruzin Cooler

Website for Cruizin’ Cooler

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  1. Ryan

    I dragged an old lady scooter out of the trash a few months ago. It could easily be gutted and turned into one of these with the addition of someones old cooler. All it needs is a couple of $45 batteries. If someone knows where I can find good used UPS batteries, then all the better.

  2. Eric

    You beat me to it. I just posted this pic.
    We could use the scooter as is and build a cooler trailer to tow behind it. The trailer could even carry extra batteries for longer range, or a small generator to make it an energy inefficient hybrid.

  3. Ryan

    I love three things about that picture.

    1) I look like I actually need the scooter
    2) I had the time to rig up car batteries to a junk scooter, but not enough time to cut the grass.
    3) The fact that I actually had a couple of spare batteries laying around to do this.

    I think we could EASILY do this without even registering the cart. Make it ‘daytime only'(ya right). I would want larger wheels to achieve higher speeds and to handle any rough terrain.

    I’m shopping GSFC for some used AGM batteries.

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