First Meeting – Sept 9, 2007

Hooray! We successfully gathered the following people at Ryan Wilkinson’s house this past Sunday:

Herb, Alison, Mindy, Eric, Ryan W., Will, Fitz, Meredith, Sean

In case you don’t believe we managed to get that many people together at the same place at the same time, I have photo proof. Click any image to view the larger version.

Meredith, Ryan W., Sean Sean, Eric, Herb
Herb, Mindy, Will Fitz, Alison

Meeting Notes:
At this first meeting we dusted off our notes from 2006 and reviewed what needs improvement in 2008. We worked off a list of handwritten notes that came from the return RV trip to the east coast. We also have a fantastic starting point in this list for improving the bloody mary bar, provided by Dave just after the ’06 burn.

We talked about who would be driving and who would be flying, and how many people we should bank on making it to ’08. For planning purposes only, we estimate that we will have 15 campers. We’ll have more of a definite idea when people start buying their tickets.

Definitely driving from the east are:
Will, Fitz, Mindy, Ryan W., Sean
This is important, because if there are too few drivers, we don’t have an RV coming from the east coast. Ryan S. and Meredith may also join the drivers in one direction.

We will also have an RV from the west, captained by Weaver. The remainder will be flying into Reno. Logistics of getting the flyers to the playa are yet to be determined, but should there be too many to squeeze into the west coast RV, there is always the rideshare option.

We started in on the handwritten notes and made these additional comments:

  • we need more chile for the cowboy sunset
  • we ran out of drinking water last time. more needed.
  • gallon jugs of water should be labeled on Monday, first thing, to be sure everyone has and is drinking their alotted amount. no more labeling as you go.
  • presume you will be responsible for your own breakfast. bring breakfast bars or whatever it is you like to eat that requires little preparation
  • more premade food, like the frozen chile, or boil in a bag meals, would make our lives easier, and create less mess.
  • we need to be better about reducing the amount of trash we produce. it is hard to haul out all those bags. bring CANS of tomato juice instead of plastic, because we can flatten them more easily
  • bring a can crusher
  • we need trash and recycling bins, with large openings and easy to identify
  • the bloody mary bar needs shutters or something to indicate it is closed
  • the bar needs to be longer, to fit 3 people behind it and in front of it
  • let’s try to keep the ice we put in drinks dust-free (TRY, at least)
  • make it easier to identify our group’s bikes at night

Herb – windmill power research. get the specs and supply list. start figuring out where to get parts.
Sean – shade structure research. tell us how to build the tension structure you were talking about
Eric – grey water evaporation research. can we make this work better than the pond we built previously?

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