Mr.B Rides Again

As some of you may know MrB (the 34 y/o RV that has been to BRC twice) hasn’t traveled any significant distance since 3/06. His archaic and complex(read EXPEN$IVE) brake system which had been ailing for quite awhile finally failed. After tracking down some very rare($$) brake boosters, unusual inverted flare fittings, bending tubing and crafting a tool called a Power Bleeder I’ve finally got it working decently. MrB can be an obstinate old bastard, often doing the opposite of what you expect, I imagined it would be a difficult start but no he started right up, it’s been months but spiteful he is. I drove him around town, felt great! I will be taking him to the shop for new brake pads and after that he should be *almost* as good as new.
OH and the new starter, which required dissasembling the old one in place to remove it AND having extreme faith in Chrysler engineering that a starter for a ’95 Dodge truck would fit, works awesome! Starts easier and faster than ever.
PS-how do I set pics at the bottom of the post? (put them after the text — I did it for ya — ac)



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  1. ryan

    Hey AC, I figured if I left the cursor at the end of the text it would place the image at that point… no. Then I tried to pick the image and move it around and it would just place it down a few lines, it’s like the viewable window isn’t tall enough to allow you to move the image. How’d you do it? _RW

  2. Alison

    Oh. Hrumph. I moved it in the code mode instead of in the GUI (graphical user interface).

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