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What, Where, When Events Online

Here is a direct link to the 2010 Burning Man event schedule.

Our very own BloodyMaryLand Liquid Breakfast is scheduled for Wednesday morning from 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.

You may also want to check out the theme camps and art installations to see what is generally going to be on the playa this year.  I especially like the Mant Farm and the Nowhere to Nowhere Monorail.

Also note that Kinetic Cab Company is one of the 2010 Honorarium Art Installations.  BloodyMaryLand will be participating in their event,  The Great Black Rock City Kinetic Sculpture Race and Treasure Hunt.

2010 Art Installation by the Sober Free Society

Fog Gun Cometh


It was pricey and took a while to find, but I finally have the 1973 booklet that details how to make a working mist shower (dubbed a “fog gun” by Buckminister Fuller). The book has lots of testing details on various nozzles and configurations so with any luck I’ll actually be able to build one this year.

Ticket Presale

For all of you who JUST CAN’T WAIT, Burning Man is holding a presale for tickets this year. See below, reposted from the JRS newsletter.



Back by popular demand, we are pleased to announce the triumphant
return of the Burning Man Ticket Pre-sale, in advance of the holidays,
for Burning Man 2010!

Last year we heard so much positive feedback from enthusiastic early-
planner types, those gifting tickets to friends and loved ones for the
holidays, and others who simply aren’t so concerned with holding out
for the lower-priced tickets available on launch day and are happy
avoid the rush, that we decided to do the pre-sale again!

Here’s how the pre-sale will work: we’ll offer 1,000 tickets at $280
each (this will be the third tier ticket price for 2010; more details
on the full ticket launch will be posted on our web site on December
12). These tickets will be a special allotment and the quantity will
NOT come out of any of the pricing tiers for our regular ticket launch
on January 13. (And no, it won’t affect your chances to try for any of
the first or second tier tickets when they’re available, but it WILL
prevent you from qualifying for either our Low Income or Scholarship

Pre-sale tickets will be available online beginning Friday, 11/20/09
at 10:00am PST.

Tickets will stay on sale until 11:59pm PST December 30 OR the
allotment of 1000 presale tickets run out, whichever comes first.

For all the nitty gritty details (and this is where you’ll ultimately
buy your tickets, too), please visit: