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American Dream Machine Idea – II

What it is:

Okay, back to the American Dream Machine. Here’s an idea. Take the hair dryer and dress it up to look real cool and sci-fi like. Tell people they can put their heads in it and by adjusting the knobs on it they can psychically hear the American Dreams of people at burning man.

How it works:

Buy a pair of large style headphones, rip the speakers out and instal them into it. Attach a mixer to the front and disguise it to look frankenstein-like. Buy 3-4 cheap old ipods. Record random snippets of American Dream sounds onto the ipods. To half the number of pods needed record the snippets in mono and have different tracks for the left and right channel. All of us can contribute whatever we think would be cool and I can mix it all up. Then have all the ipods playing into the device (4 pods = 8 tracks of random sounds and snippets). People can play with the mixer to run thru the various sounds. Very unlikely they’d heard the same thing twice. The biggest challenge might be to make the mixer not look like a mixer and be a truly fun device to toy with.

If you want to be really interactive invite people at the burn to record THEIR american dreams in one of our RVS and we add it to the mix.Obvious challenges include keeping the ipods charged.

A visual component to this would be cool but much more expensive and challenging.

If we did do 8-tracks it would also be cool if they had “attributes”. A few that come to mind are:

  1. Money – Trump yakking, Game Show Fabulous prizes, wall street reports, etc.
  2. Fame – Sports arenas, rock concerts, politicians speechs
  3. The White Picket Fence – green acres is the place for me…
  4. Sex/love – Tooo easy. (Each of us has to turn in a recording of themselves having an orgasm?)


American Dream Machine

Hmm. “The American dream” eh? I wonder if we could take that wayward hairdryer Ryan picked up and convert it into some sort of machine to “display” the American dream of whoever put their head in it. As to how it would work. No thoughts yet…

Behold it’s Ferro-Magnificent Splendor!

Behold it’s Ferro-Magnificent Splendor!


For those who weren’t at today’s meeting. I’m still pining for this giant 550lb monster lodestone to set up as a “Temple of Magnetism” at burning man. Probably will never happen because of the cost, but still, wouldn’t it be cool???

For sale here: for a mere $1500 and I don’t even want to think about the shipping costs!

‘Second Life’ readies for Burning Man

News Flash: ‘Second Life’ readies for Burning Man

I’ve never done the Second Life thing but I’d imagine i’d be a pretty lame substitute for actually Burn attendance (correct me if any of you do partake and I’m wrong).

What would be fascinating would be a serviceable and fairly accurate recreation of the actual event where you could zoom around, see some of the major installations, and observe the camps of friends who did make it to the event and are having a lot more fun than you and your pathetic internet-bound existence.

Okay, so that last part might suck.

But still, I’d give it a gander. Maybe Google Earth is planning a street-level run thru?