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Nutty New BM Ticket Policy

In case anyone missed it, Burning Man has a new, nuttier ticket policy this year. Instead of just raising ticket prices to match market demand they’re going with an odd “lottery” system that will randomly assign you a price or tell you you’re out of luck and can’t have a ticket. Ugh.

Yardsale Pix

I only took a few but here they are in all their polaroid splendor, plus some from Will:

Fog Gun Cometh


It was pricey and took a while to find, but I finally have the 1973 booklet that details how to make a working mist shower (dubbed a “fog gun” by Buckminister Fuller). The book has lots of testing details on various nozzles and configurations so with any luck I’ll actually be able to build one this year.


evil scientist from Metropolis

evil scientist from Metropolis

This is the evil scientist Rotwang from the film Metropolis. I’m determined to fit Rotwang somewhere into my Burning Man 2010 experience DESPITE the moniker’s unfortunate connotations at a festival with such large post-revel STD problems…